What Does Tuition Include?

  • One GADC T-shirt per camper for the summer
  • Pizza Lunch Every Friday
  • Group Photo
  • All activities including surprise visits from the Kona Ice Truck

Can I register my child for partial weeks of camp?

We do not offer partial weeks of camp. GADC tuition is by full week of camp only.The amount of days a camper attends is at the discretion of the parents. 

What does a typical day at camp look like?

Since every day is a new adventure at GADC, there are no "typical days" of camp. Schedules vary by the age of your camper. 

  • For a Half-Day Camper: A typical day will involve a little bit of everything: participation in our theme day games, silly songs, Bible time, arts and crafts, fort building, water play, time on the playground or in the sandbox, a nature hike, obstacle courses, hanging out in our canopy swings, playing at the gaga pit, etc. 
  • For a Pioneer: A typical day may involve participation in our theme days and games, some silly songs, Bible Time, arts and crafts, water play, fort building, a time to rest and hear a story, playing on the playground or in the sandbox, more water play, chalk art, dance parties, hiking our many nature trails, and finishing up their day with our all camp assembly! 
  • For an Explorer: A typical day may involve: participating in one of our theme days and games, silly songs, dance parties, a time spent in a specialty of their choice, Bible Assembly and small group time, hiking the nature trails, getting wet on the giant slip n slide, or cruising down the water slide, a ride on the go karts or giant trikes, fierce red vs. blue competitions that never stop, playing some gaga or 9 square in the air, or maybe even one of the many crazy group games we come up with, playing sports, arts and crafts, learning a new skill in the woods, hanging out under the pavilion near the camp store eating ice cream, paint wars and water fights, and finishing their day up with our all camp assembly! 
  • For a Trailblazer or Teen Adventurer: A typical day may involve: theme day games and activities, a time of worship and teaching from a guest speaker, small group time, large group games and competitions, playing sports, arts and crafts, learning new outdoor survival skills or even how to cook over a camp fire, hanging out in one of our hammocks in the trees, playing gaga or blacklight 9 square in the air, water tag, bubble soccer, paint fights, or a GADC Middle School Favorite- Survivor Days (yes, like the TV Show- happens 2x a summer for 2 straight days). And on Friday mornings, middle school campers are treated to a delicious waffle bar followed by a special morning assembly and small group times in the woods by the fire. Days will conclude with attending our all camp assembly. We have quite the jam-packed schedule for our Trailblazers and Teen Adventurers this summer! 

What should my child wear to camp?

  • Clothes suitable for playing hard, getting sweaty, and possibly a little dirty 
  • Pre-K Campers should come with bathing suits on underneath clothes (They will have water play before lunch and this simplifies the changing process)
  • Sunscreen (Campers should come with sunscreen already applied)
  • Socks and Closed-Toed Shoes
  • Theme Day Apparel is optional
  • Hat & Sunglasses are optional as well

Do you provide lunch?

  • We do not provide lunch Monday-Thursday. Campers should plan to bring a lunch on those 4 days.
  • We do provide a free pizza lunch on Friday for all campers.

My child has a gluten allergy. Do you order gluten free pizza on Pizza Friday?

Yes. We will order enough gluten free pizzas for all our gluten-free campers.

What should I pack for my child?

  2. Bathing Suit
  3. Towel
  4. Sunscreen labeled with your child's first and last name (Campers will reapply sunscreen throughout the day. We suggest spray sunscreen)
  5. Extra clothes in a large ziplock bag with your child's name written on the bag
  6. Sandals for water play are optional
  7. Refillable Water Bottle (we have water bottles available for purchase at the camp store)
  8. Lunch and a snack in an Insulated Lunch box.
  9. Backpack

What are Theme Days?

Theme Days are an integral part of the DNA of GADC. Every day of camp is a new theme day! Remember Spirit Days in School? These are similar but way better. Every night when your camper(s) go home, the staff begins the process of transforming and decorating camp for whatever the next day's theme will be. Costumes for theme days are encouraged but completely optional. We also typically provide a few things for your camper to get in the spirit of the theme day. Here are just a few favorite theme days from previous summers:

  • Christmas in July: Celebrate Christmas in the middle of summer! GADC becomes a Christmas winter wonderland. All games and activities are Christmas themed.
  • Unbirthday Day: It’s everyone’s birthday! All games are centered around a birthday party theme to celebrate all of our campers in one day! Our all camp giant cake fight in the center of the field is the highlight of many camper's summer.
  • Country Hoedown Throwdown Day: Send your camper ready to square dance! This will be like a day at the fair! This past year we even had a traveling petting zoo visit GADC.
  • Survivor Day (Middle School only): Based off the show- campers will be divided up into tribes and compete for the title of “Soul Survivor” over the course of two camp days!
  • GADC's Got Talent: Campers will have the chance to sign up and show off their talent at a camp-wide talent show! 
  • Tribe Wars: At the beginning of the summer, the red vs blue tribe wars competition begins. Campers are placed on either the red or blue team at the beginning of their first week of camp and will participate in an all week/all summer long competition that can only have one winner. Many of our theme day games and activities involve points for the red team or blue team. Most Fridays are Tribe Wars Days where it's all things red vs blue to end the week's competition. At the end of our Parent Assembly each Friday, the winner for the week is announced. Since we have 5 weeks of camp, the end of week 5 will determine the winner for the entire summer! 

These are just a few of our theme days from previous summers. Every summer they get better! Keep checking our website for this summer's theme days!

Who do you hire? & Do you run background checks on all counselors and staff?

When it comes to our staff, rest assured they are the best of the best. Every year we look for the most exceptional young men and women to devote their summer to impacting the lives of the children and families who are a part of Grace Adventures Day Camp. At GADC our mission is for our campers to encounter the love of Christ in every single thing that we do at camp. The success of GADC is placed on the shoulders of our counselors and they meet that challenge head on summer after summer. Counselors must apply and pass a series of interviews, reference checks, throrough background checks, as well as spend 40+ hours in training for the upcoming summer. Most of our counselors and staff are certified in both CPR and First Aid. 

What happens in inclement weather?

  • Rainy days are no problem here at camp! Special curriculum and activities have already been planned to keep your kids active and having fun all day. Unless thunderstorms keep us indoors (thunder roars, we go indoors), we will still play outside, even in the rain! We look forward to the extra fun a rain shower can bring. 

  • Code Red days are hot, hazy and humid. There is no breeze, tons of sun and little chance of precipitation. On Code Red days campers will be kept out of direct sunlight for games and sports and will not be permitted to play games and sports that require running. Campers will spend extended time indoors where there is air conditioning and outdoors in the shade. Water is always available to campers at all times. 

What happens if my child is sick during camp sessions?

We cannot provide care for sick children. Please do not send your child to camp if he/she is ill! We are concerned for the health and welfare of each child at camp as well as our staff. We require that a camper be picked up as soon as possible in the event that he/she becomes ill while at camp. In order to prevent the spread of illnesses we have aligned our sick camper policy with the Grace Community Church Children’s Ministry sick policy. Children with any of the following symptoms should not be checked into Grace Adventures Day Camp:

  1. Fever of more than 100 degrees Fahrenheit within the last 24 hours
  2. Diarrhea within the last 24 hours
  3. Nausea
  4. Vomiting (2 or more times within the last 24 hours)
  5. Persistent cough
  6. Heavy mucous discharge from the nose, or any colored secretions
  7. Mouth sore with inability to control saliva
  8. Sore throat
  9. Conjunctivitis (pink eye)
  10. Chickenpox (until the 7th day after the rash starts)
  11. Impetigo & Strep (until 24 hours after treatment)
  12. Rash
  13. Head lice (until morning after treatment)
  14. Any illness that prevents the child from normal functioning or requires that a caregiver give exclusive care.

In order to re return to camp, your camper must be fever free and symptom free, without the use of medication for 24 hours.

**Please notify us immediately if your child was contagious or had head lice while at camp. 

Can my child take medication at camp?

In order for medication to be given to a camper, a Medication Permission Slip must be filled out and signed by a doctor. This form gives us permission to administer specified medication to your child; by law we are not permitted to administer medication without it. Children are not allowed to carry medication while at camp. All medication must be delivered to the camp nurse in the original packaging or prescription bottle. All medication will be self-administered under the supervision of our Health Coordinator or Camp Nurse. GADC can accept any State of Maryland public school medication form or you may use the form available on the Enrollment page. If you need a copy of this form, please email graceadventures@gcconline.org to request it. 

Is GADC a Nut-Free Camp?

The property zone of Grace Community Church is a nut-free zone.

What happens if my child has allergies?

GADC provides a full-time First Aid Station, and many staff members are trained in CPR and First Aid. A signed Medication Administration form is required. Please send your child with a ziplock bag containing their emergency medication. All staff are given an emergency medication list so that they are aware of which campers have emergency medication on them.

What is ratio of campers to counselors?

Our ratios of campers to counselor are determined by age group and are in compliance with the Maryland DHMH Standards for group sizes.

  • For Half Day & Pioneer Campers (Pre-K), our ratio of campers to counselor is no more than 6:1.
  • For Explorers (Completed K-Completed 4th grade), our ratio of campers to counselor is between 8-10:1
  • For Trailblazers and Teen Adventure (Completed 5th-Completed 8th grade), our ratio of campers to counselor is between 10-15:1

What do you use for curriculum at GADC?

Every summer all of GADC goes through one of the four Gospels in the Bible. We build our Bible Curriculum Theme around the stories within the particular Gospel and tailor the content and small group discussion questions to each specific age group. Over the course of the summer, our camp staff will study a Gospel together using the "For Everyone" Commentaries by NT Wright. This helps the staff with knowing and understanding the stories for themselves which helps them as they teach the stories to the children. Our Bible Theme is usually inspired by the the Author of the Gospel and specific themes contained within it.

Last summer, we went through the Gospel of John and our theme was Lost (yes, like the TV show). We spent the summer following 4 island characters who were stranded on a desert island and thought that all hope was lost and that no rescue would come for them. What they discovered through the stories of Jesus, and as they followed the signs and clues they uncovered, was that rescue had indeed come in the most likely way. Jesus, the only Son of God, came from heights of heavens to the world, that by all other accounts was lost. Through His life, His words, and His actions, He opened up the way to God the Father and offered us the greatest saving act, the world would ever know. When we know Jesus, we know that hope is never lost, that rescue is certain and that life with Jesus is forever.

When/What is Parent Assembly?

Each week our camp parents and families are invited to our Friday Parent Assembly. Parent Assembly begins at 3:10 PM and is typically held in The Grace Place. Parents will be treated to songs, skits and performances by our campers, as well as a special time seeing your child receive a Paper Plate Award from their counselor. The grand finale is our Camp Week Recap Video and the announcement of our winner of Red Tribe vs. Blue Tribe. You don’t want to miss this. 

**Parents will be dismissed at the conclusion of Parent Assembly and will then be able to check-out their camper as usual.

Can I purchase extra GADC t-shirts for my child?

Yes. You will have the option of purchasing extra t-shirts on your registration form. You will also be able to purchase extra t-shirts and other GADC merchandise from the Camp Store during camp hours.

How much money should I send for my child for the camp store & snack shack?

The amount of money you send with your camper is completely up to your personal discretion.  Parents typically send their child with a few dollars in a labeled envelope.

Do you offer financial assistance?

GADC does have a scholarship program. Scholarships are limited and every request is prayerfully considered. Decisions are based on need. 

  • Grace Adventures Day Camp requires a 25% deposit (minimum $50) in order to register.  
  • If you are requesting a scholarship, please complete the Scholarship Request form in the forms section of this registration.  A 25% deposit (minimum $50) will be required as we do not award full scholarships.

What is your cancellation policy?

  • All cancellation requests must be made by email (graceadventures@gcconline.org) in order to receive a refund.
  • Your camper registration fee includes a $50 non-refundable deposit.
  • An additional $25 per camper per week cancellation fee will be assessed for cancellations made within 30 days of each camp week’s start date. 

What happens if my child loses something at camp?

Please be sure to check the Lost and Found table at the end of each camp day. We accumulate a lot of lost items over the course of 5 weeks of camp and would love for all items to be returned to their rightful owner. In an effort to make this happen, here is our policy on Lost and Found Items:

  • PLEASE Label everything your child brings to camp as this helps their counselor identify and better keep track of your child's personal possessions. 
  • Lost and found will be located in bins outside of the building entrance (where you drop off your child), underneath the overhang.
  • Bins will be arranged by category (i.e. water bottles in one bin, clothing items in one bin, shoes in one bin, etc) and will be available during camp hours as well as during weekend services at Grace Community Church.
  • GADC will keep Lost & Found items for each week until the end of the day on Monday of the following week of camp (i.e. Week 1 Monday will be kept until the end of the day Monday of Week 2)
  • Please note that all lost socks and underwear get thrown away at the end of the day
  • GADC staff will do their best to assist in locating lost items.
  • If a specific item is found but parents are unable to pick up the item by the following Monday, they may contact GADC Staff and request that the item be held until they are able to pick it up.
  • All items that are left in the lost and found will be donated to a local organization at end of the summer.

Who should I contact if I need to speak to someone during camp sessions?

  • The best way to contact us throughout the camp days is via email graceadventures@gcconline.org which we will be checking frequently throughout the day. This should be used for all matters with the exception of urgent or emergency situations.
  •  In urgent situations or in case of, parents should contact us by calling our church office at 240.553.1090 and asking to be connected to Camp.  
  • Prior to the first week of camp, we will also provide a number for texting in case of emergency as well.

Can I sign my child up for 1-2 days of before and/or after-care?

We do not do partial weeks of extended care. The rates for extended care by week only. The amount of days a child attends extended care is up to the parents.

How do I ensure my child is in a group with their friend(s)?

We will always do our best to accommodate friend requests. There are only a few factors that would stand in the way of this:

  • For Elementary (Explorer) and Middle School (Trailblazer & Teen Adventure), we put campers in groups of the same gender. Those groups will have partner counselor of the opposite gender but for small groups and some activities, we feel separation by gender works best at GADC.
  • We do our best put campers in groups of similar age range (i.e. 1st graders stay together) as we do tailor our Bible curriculum and small group questions to the different age groups of campers. If the two (or more) friends are close in age (one in 1st grade and one in 2nd), this is usually not a problem.