Check out some of our videos from past summers:

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Original song, lyrics, beat! An amazing video to wrap up our best summer yet.

Summer 2018 Music Video 

Every summer our counselors write and record an original music video for our campers to sum up what an amazing summer we’ve had together. Here is Summer 2018’s original song/video: “Come with Me to GADC”

Week 3 Recap Video of Summer 2018

Summer 2018 Week 3

Week 3 of 2018 was jam-packed with GADC fun. In this video, you will see: Team Day, GADC Hoedown Throwdown, GADC Goes Hawaii, Middle School Survivor Days, Tribe Wars (red vs blue), and more!

2017 GADC Original Music Video

For the last few summers, some of the staff of GADC have written and produced an original music video for the campers at the very last parent assembly of the summer. This was our best one yet!

2016 Introduction Introduction Video

In Summer 2016 the staff of GADC decided to make a video to introduce themselves to the campers on the first day of camp! Our staff is truly the best of the best.

2016 GADC Staff Running Man Challenge

Of course our staff had to jump on the bandwagon and make a last minute Running Man Challenge video for our campers. Anything for our campers!